International Prepaid Calling Cards Vs Digital VoIP Virtual Phone Service

Our lives are becoming global, both personally and when it comes to business. Thus, it is becoming necessary to make international calls on a more regular basis. Have you considered using a digital VoIP phone device to make these calls? Perhaps you are wondering what a VoIP virtual phone numbers and virtual phone service even is. The acronym stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In layman’s terms, it is when you use your Internet connection to make phone calls. A virtual phone number can also be used with your mobile device where you can have a virtual number forwarding from your home town direct to your chosen phone anywhere in the world. Local call for your friends or customers with total global mobility for you. Let’s learn more about this modern advancement in communication.

Let us begin by considering some of the advantages and disadvantages of making Internet phone calls. Here are some pros and cons. First of all, using VoIP often means that you get free international calling. That’s worth acquiring the service in and of itself, especially for work. VoIP for business is a great solution for international companies or for businesses with international clients. Business VoIP virtual telephone numbers are available that look just like regular phones, but are designed for use with internet phone calls. You can choose from almost any country for your virtual phone numbers with varying rates for each.

VoIP virtual phone service is great for home use as well. You may have family living, working, or going to school in another country. Many travel abroad for recreation, college, or job opportunities. Friends and family can keep in touch for free with VoIP. Plus, in some countries, Internet is the most reliable means of communication, and Wi-Fi is available just about everywhere.

Are there any downsides? Well, obviously the quality of a person’s Internet connection is going to make a difference in whether or not they can make a call. If you don’t have Internet access at home, you’ll need an alternative way to make phone calls from your house. This leads many to have a VoIP virtual phone numbers and service and a land line or cell phone. Additionally, you need a device capable of making VoIP calls. These are generally more expensive than a standard phone. Or grab a great mobile app.

Perhaps you would like to compare international prepaid calling cards to the use of VoIP. There are certainly many advantages to using this type of service as opposed to using international calling cards. Consider these:

• VoIP is generally free even for international calls.

• You can use VoIP anywhere you have Internet access, even if there are no phones available. VoIP can be used with laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other Internet ready devices.

• You can have a VoIP phone number for someone to return your calls, or set one up as a business line in addition to your personal line.

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